Peace Pavilion In the Gaza Strip

This was an appropriately time project due to the Gaza Strip turmoil elevating recently. Poetics was the focus of this short design project. Peace Pavilion - External Per.

Click here to see my Peace Pavilion Presentation


Catholic Church Design – Studio 3-1

From the beginning of my semester at Drexel I have been working on designing this church.

It went through five conceptual phases, all of which I will be posting very soon.

What I am showing you now is the final product.NE Perspective

BBQ Grill and Bar – Moorestown Residence

Click Here to View the Finished Product

I was asked to design a Barbecue grill counter and bar top for a 36″ Jenn Air grill. I came up with two different designs and the future owners choose the second. This post will be a chronicle of the designs and the construction process. For me, this is a big deal. I have only been asked to design something for someone outside of school twice, the first did not get constructed, but this Grill and Bar is now underway.

1st Design – Not Built

1st Design – Not Built

2nd Design – Built

2nd Design – Built

2nd Design – Built

Foot Print

Studs set in 12″ OC

BBQ Grill Cradle

Studs Capped

It’s Official

I received my Mesa College Diploma and a Certificate of Achievement for Highest Honors.


 I worked very hard… and I succeeded.

This was an AIA competition between two schools (23 total entries) and along with me taking 1st for my school, Mesa City College, my classmate Liz Barcelata took 2nd place, and classmate Alex Rodriguez took 3rd place.  Go Mesa Design!!!

Lumberman’s Competition Submission

I have updated the actual page for this project. Just Click on the board below.

Moving on with my Final Design Concept

Lumberman's Final Floor Plan

The process to get the floor plan to the way it is now took me finally being able to wrap my head around the roofing and curtain wall systems on the building. I greatly increased the amount of reading nooks that will look just like the one in the previous post.

This is a rendering of the Entry/Community/Service corridor (without the furniture and vegetation).

Entrance To Library

Lumberman’s Concept Renderings

Yesterday was my concept crit with the department, it didn’t go to well. I have to rethink the dividing of my different spaces. But, all in all the Jurors said it has the appearance of a civic building and with a little tweaking will be a strong, axial building.

I did a couple of rendering of the reading nooks that were required per the program. My concept for these spaces was playing with the idea of a story-book house; something a child would draw. As they are in the renderings, the space is 7′-0″ wide and protrude out of the building 4′-0″.

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Lumberman’s project concept massing model.


This is a massing of the library as of where I stand in the design process right now

Site Just Revised

I spent a little bit of time this spring break redoing most of my website. Having recently been accepted in the 3rd year of Drexel University’s B-Arch program, I felt it was time to get it up to par.

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